Safety Training & Emergency Preparedness Workshops

Gymkhana Club, New Delhi

Gymkhana Club, in association with Philanthrope conducted a Training and Safety workshop by Dr Angeli Qwatra, for its Administrative Staff on 30th May, 2019. The staff attended the workshop and listened to the instructions with rapt attention and the techniques displayed were appreciated. The training was such a success that the Delhi Gymkhana Club management invited Dr. Qwatra for a second safety training to their staff on October 24, 2019, for better equipping staff in handling emergency situations, thus ensuring the safety of their members and staff. 

NHPC, Faridabad


On May 28, 2019, a safety training and emergency preparedness session was conducted by Dr. Angeli Qwatra at National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), Faridabad, where crucial life saving techniques like CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and fire safety were discussed and practiced in mock sessions.

University of Delhi

In December, 2018, a Safety Preparedness & Emergency Response Training seminar was organized by ‘Philanthrope’ in the Northern Campus of Delhi University. More than 100 students participated in the seminar and took advantage of the lecture and demonstration of safety equipment by Philanthrope Director, Dr. Angeli Qwatra, which could potentially help them become efficient emergency responders in a crisis situation. Dr. Qwatra was very specific about discussing the benefits of disaster management training which, according to her, includes more effective loss avoidance regulations and strategies, improved understanding of emergency processes, more effective hazard mitigation strategies, and improved emergency response and recovery.

RYLA (Sonepat)

More than 550 students benefited from a Disaster Management & Emergency Response Training seminar organized during the Rotaract District 3011- RYLA 2018 event at the O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat, Haryana. The seminar was conducted by Philanthrope Director, Dr. Angeli Qwatra, who shared invaluable insights and training on how to become efficient emergency responders in an emergency. The students were made aware of the various types of disasters, like, natura or man-made and also trained on the subject of creating and executing an emergency plan, emergency evacuation mapping, disaster response, CPR and other medical first aid techniques that could help them save lives in face of a disaster till professional help arrives.

IWPC, New Delhi

A Life Safety Training Workshop was organized at the IWPC (Indian Women Press Club) 5 Windsor Place , Janpath , New Delhi. This workshop was especially carried out for people in media for spreading awareness about life saving techniques. .

Life Safety Training Initiatives For Residential Colonies 

Under the aegis of Philanthrope, several safety training & Emergency preparedness workshops have been conducted by Dr. Angeli Qwatra across India. Dr. Qwatra has been responsible for conducting safety training workshops for many residential colonies. Dr. Qwatra has especially been involved in equipping local communities and residential areas with the latest of information on self-help and emergency response techniques like CPR, fire safety, natural disaster preparedness etc to ensure safer citizens. Residents are taught specialized response techniques to situations of medical or natural emergency. They were educated on the fact that we can avoid anthropogenic disasters to a large extent only with the right information. The workshops have all been well recieved as residents always participate in good numbers and share great feedback for the sessions conducted.

Gulmohar Park
Safety & Emergency Preparedness Workshop, Gulmohar Park Club, 22/4/2018
Dayanand Colony
Safety Training Session, Dayanand Colony, New Delhi
Amar Colony
Safety Training Workshop, Amar colony, New Delhi
Durga Puja, Vikram Vihar
Free Life Safety Training, 7/10/2019 Durga Puja Pandal, Vikram Vihar
Garhi Village
Safety Training Workshop, Garhi Village, 25/09/2019, New Delhi.
Vikram Vihar
Safety Training Workshop, 25/09/2019, Vikram Vihar, New Delhi
Lajpat Nagar - 4
Residents with Training completion certificates, National Park, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi.
Lajpat Nagar - 4
Safety Training, 27/09/2019, National Park, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi.
Gadi Gaon
Safety Training Workshop, Gadi Gaon, New Delhi.
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